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  1. Govegan

    “First of all I’d like to start with a big ‘Thank you’. I had booked my week in Cómpeta fairly spontaneously, only two weeks in advance. I’d had a bit of a rough time earlier in March and felt I needed to treat myself, to get back into shape and recharge my batteries. The Cooking Class retreat with go Vegan seemed just what I needed – and overall my expectations were exceeded.

    First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed all the cooking class, and the style and atmosphere in which they were taught. Our group was very small, and José Antonio took care of each visitor’s needs, which made all of us progress and develop day by day. It was so useful to have someone help you make constant adjustments and improvements. And what I learned has kept me motivated and helped me to improve my practice now that I’m back in London, both in class and at home.

    Food was amazing too! Anna was an absolute star! Every single dish was delicious. And it was impressive to see how much care went into it to make every meal special and healthy. I would have enjoyed my week with my group pretty much anywhere, I’m sure. But the fact that we were surrounded by beautiful mountains and had lots of sun and fresh air made the whole experience all the more enjoyable.

    I wish I could do it again soon, and highly recommend it!”

    Ales Stein. August 2013

  2. Govegan

    “Go Vegan” is a very special place. A huge amount of care and attention is put into the classes and the food! I could not recommend it highly enough.”

    Brigitte London UK. September 2013

  3. Govegan

    Hola Jose, hola Ana,

    muchas gracias por el tiempo en Go Vegan. He aprendido mucho de usted. Y estoy muy relajado. Voy a nutrir me mas saludable. Estoy muy motivado para cocinar comida vegana.

    Yo escribí una crítica positiva en Tripadvisor sobre Go Vegan. Yo te enviaré la URL quandoconsiga la confirmación.

    Tengo un favor. Me gustó la sopa de puerros y patatas muy bien de la cena de martes. El color de la sopa era verde.¿Me podrían enviarla receta de esta sopa por email por favor?

    Muchas gracias.

  4. Govegan

    Hola a todos!

    Espero que todo vaya bien.

    A mí también me lo pasé muy bien la semana en GoVegan. He aprendido mucho y he empezado cambiar algunas cosas especialmente de la comida. Ojalá pudiera cambiar el tiempo/la clima en Londres!

    Haré lo mismo como Steffen: escribir en TripAdvisor, que es una buena idea.

    ¡Qué os paséis bien esta semana!


  5. Govegan

    Hello Anna and Jose Antonio,

    Thanks to you both for a fantastic course and the most welcoming atmosphere at GoVegan! We are now cooking something from the course every day and I am still eating a vegan diet. Before the course I really needed inspiration for a healthy way to live and eat and no I feel so inspired to continue on this vegan/raw path.

    I’m really looking forward to be informed about your upcoming activities and workshops so we have a reason to visit Spain and Andalusia again 🙂

    kind regards


  6. Jesse

    Hello Jose

    My Name is Jesse, I have just met up with a friend Emma Fry in Malaga, she passed on the details of you website and recommened getting in touch. I´m visiting spain from England and would love to meet and touch base with you guys I´m very interested in the fast growing Powerful Vegan movement and the Healing I have experience with this life.

    Keep up the fantastic work


  7. Heather

    Thank you so much for such a fantastic weekend, I was very sad to leave so soon because we had such an amazing time. The best part for me was being around like minded people with whom i can be 100% myself which doesn’t happen very often in my life unfortunately. I always try to be very open minded and socialize with people who just don’t understand veganism but this weekend has taught me that I need to make more friends with like minded vegans and spend more time with people like myself.

    Overall the weekend has taught both myself and James a lot and we will take everything we learnt and use it in our everyday lives. Its helped us change the way we live for the better, and hopefully it will help James to understand why I live the way I do a little bit more (hes getting there slowly).

    Ana was the STAR of the show and made cooking so much fun, we laughed and laughed the entire weekend which is the best medicine one could ever wish for so thank you so so much for the time we shared this weekend.

    I’m going to send the course to my father and hope he reads it 🙂 Maybe my mum will stop buying meat from the local butcher 🙂 hehehehe


  8. Govegan

    “I had a great stay at this yoga retreat. Good atmosphere and really nice yoga lessons. Also enjoyed the vegetarian food.”

    Hans Belgium

    1. Govegan

      Thanks HAns. Back again.

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