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Detox retreat

Dieta-Nutricion.pro-Receta-de-caldo-depurativoThe body needs purification to eliminate the toxins that we keep accumulating throughout the year, not only through the food we consume, but also due to stress, bad habits, medication. The accumulation of toxic substances in the body can cause, with time, diseases, a weak immune system and a state of fluctuating mood.

Our Detox Retreat consists of a 3-day programme of alkaline food, cooking workshops and workshops on conscious eating and detoxification. Moreover, you can enjoy other activities.



This retreat will help you know how to detoxify your body through diet and movement.

The retreat includes:

– Cooking workshops

– Detoxification diet

– Yoga

– Excursion

– Personalised file of detoxification diet

 With respect to:

Food: food based on fresh juices and raw food; a less aggressive manner of enjoying a purification process, above all of the liver and gallbladder. There exist many foods and herbs that help the body itself to eliminate toxins in a safe manner, while continuing to nourish ourselves with wonderful vegetables and fruits.

Body and mind; Yoga and excursion: the Yoga class and the excursion that we will do are designed to help the body eliminate toxins, impurities and waste, so as to boost relaxation and channel the detoxification process. Yoga helps in preventing numerous disorders, increasing the capacity of immune resistance and favours physical and mental harmony. It does not matter if you have not done Yoga prior to this retreat.



 Recommendations: We recommend that a few days before coming to this retreat you reduce or eliminate from your diet some foods so that your body is more easily able to adapt itself. This is not absolutely necessary, but it is very useful. These foods to reduce/eliminate are:

  • Dairy
  • Refined sugar
  • Gluten (refined flours, mainly wheat)
  • Coffee
  • Meat and fish
  • Alcohol
  • Fried foods


12, 13, 14 February

11, 12, 13 March

8, 9, 10 April



17:00:  Arrival. Welcome. We await you with the first purification juice

18:00-19:00;  First session of conscious eating

19:00-19:30;  A small break

 19.30-20.30:  Workshop on detox salads and light salad dressings

20:30:  Dinner (that we have made in the workshop)


8:30:  We shall have a detox drink

9:00-10:00:  Yoga class (optional)

10:30:  Breakfast of juices and fruits prepared by our chefs

11.00-12:00:  Class of conscious food for health

Upon finishing, there will be lunch based on raw food

12.30-13.30:  Workshop on detox soups and creams

13.30: Lunch (that we have made in the workshop)

Upon finishing lunch there will be free time to enjoy the surroundings, go for a walk, or simply rest in the house reading or having an infusion (herbal tea).

17:00:  We shall have a purification juice made with a base of vegetables

18:00-19:00:  Workshop on exogenous and endogenous purification and detoxification

19:30-20:30:  To end the day, a workshop on juices and smoothies based on a combination of detoxifying and nutritious fruits and vegetables

20:30:  Dinner (that we have made in the workshop)

In such a manner we shall consume fruit along the day and lunch based on raw foods so as not to interfere with the purification process, including all the nutrients of the foods and obtaining solids in the body.


8:30:  We shall have a detox drink

9:00:  We shall enjoy a breakfast based on juices and fruits prepared by our chefs to start our last day with a lot of energy

9:30 a 13:30:  Excursion (optional) to see the wonderful places offered in the surroundings

13:30:  There will be a fabulous raw lunch based on vegetables, where you will be able to taste gourmet raw food prepared by our chefs

Departure time will be about 17:00, when we shall finish our detox programme. However, if you would like you can stay on for a little while longer enjoying the surroundings…

* There will be herbal tea and fruit available always for the participants

* In the free time there will be the option to enjoy a massage

* These detox weekends will be useful as preparation for the Water Fast that will take place over the Easter weekend 2,3,4 & 5 April 2016. Whoever reserves his/her place will receive advice and a personalised diet plan so as to prepare the body for the water fast. 



Casa Almendro is a comfortable rural house located in the region of Axarquía, in the municipal area of Cómpeta.

It is situated at the foot of the national park in the mountain range of Alhama Tejera and Almijara.



 Large, well-lit and spacious, personalised in its decoration

Some rooms with own bathroom
Twin, single or double use






The Area

tejeda (1)


Green, green, green! The entire property is situated in nature. Due to the privileged location, there are extraordinary views of the sea and the national park of the mountain ranges of Tejeda Alhama and Almijara.

The accommodation is situated around 3km from the town of Cómpeta (municipal area that it belongs to). It is a privileged place due to its geographic location.


How to Get Here

This link will take you to the webpage that will indicate how to get here. You will find also the GPS coordinates.


Price €180

3 days and 2 nights of full-board accommodation
Shared room. In case you would like single use of a room, there is a single supplement to pay.
Workshops of detox food
Organic food
Personalised plan of detoxification in preparation for the Water Fast over the Easter weekend



If you would like to contact us, you can call the telephone numbers: Go Vegan +34617647185 – +34951066064 – +34628777574 or mail: info@govegan.es

To reserve your place:


*Our Detox Programme is endorsed by the Lcdo Higienist. (Adviser Health)

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  1. alwynne cartmell

    I would like to come for a course and stay longer. Maybe a week.
    How to get there?
    Where do i fly from?



    pa. I am vegan

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