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To make your stay fully pleasant with Go Vegan, we provide osteopathy and massage therapy services to fine tune your body plus Qi Gong or Yoga to harmonise your mind.

Massage session

MASSAGE.  If you wish to receive a massage our team will be at your service. But to be able to give someone a relaxing massage you can also join our workshop to learn the basic techniques and manipulations like kneading, rubbing, pressure and vibration, and also which are the most suitable creams, oils and ointments for each type of ailment. Other than helping to relax and sleep, massage can have a host of therapeutic benefits for all kinds of medical conditions: in preventive medicine, to treat physiological, mechanical, aesthetical and psychic problems as well as sport injuries. A licensed professional will be at your service on request.

Cost of massage session by appointment: 40 €


OSTEOPATHY. Osteopathy is based on the inter-relationship between structure and function of the body and any dysfunction of an organ or part can affect the rest of the body. It is therefore a holistic practice. The treatment is called osteo-pathic manipulation consisting in a series of techniques aimed to alleviate pain, restore body functions and promote health and wellbeing. The practice of Osteopathy is well established in Europe and it is increasingly being applied in Spain. 

Osteopathy consultation by appointment: 60 €




Laurence Junod Chevalier

QI GONG. Is a 4000 year old energy gymnastics for health and longevity that is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, like Acupuncture and Moxibustion. This ancient body art is based on knowledge of the human being and his interaction with nature. Using slow movements, breathing and concentration to stimulate energy and help our internal organs to function properly. The regular practice of Qi Gong balances the internal Ying Yang energies and offers many benefits like disease prevention, maintaining health and delaying the aging process. Together with Laurence, our instructor, you will be able to fine tune your body´s  harmony. Three weekly sessions on the beach (weather permitting) or in the garden,  will help harmonise your movements to bring you all the benefits of this ancient oriental practice. If you have any physical ailment Laurence will prepare you a specific table of exercises to heal any part that may be damaged. You can contact Laurence by email: laurence@govegan.es

Toñi. Hatha Yoga instructor

Hata Yoga

Hatha Yoga

YOGA. Hatha yoga is the foundation of all Yoga styles and possibly the most practiced and popular in the Westm whose postures aim to harmonise positive and negative energies. Through the practice of physical postures (Asanas), Meditation or muscle relaxation (Dharana & Dhyana) and regulated breathing (Pranayama), one enters an ideal serene mental state that brings physical and emotional benefits. We will practice a series of revitalising and stimulating postures that are also very relaxing. Among the many benefits derived from Yoga are: Health and inner mental balance, more flexibility, vitality and strength, increased breathing capacity, greater resistance to illnesses, lower stress and pain, a better quality of life and greater mental agility, increased self-esteem and more energy, wellbeing and happiness. We will alternate Qi Gong with Yoga to get to know the two oriental therapeutic disciplines that have provided their practitioners so many benefits. Toñi, the Yoga instructor, will help you benefit inmediately from your  exercises.


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