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Hello: My name is Ana and I will be your cookery teacher.Perfil

Learning to prepare healthy and delicious recipes can be an enjoyable experience.

We will share new ingredients and many recipes to prepare meals to please our senses.

During your holiday we want to share with your cooking experience and will prepare many recipes to sample together in a cozy friendly atmosphere.

To prove that healthy food is NOT boring We will dedicate three hours a day for three days to discover new ingredients, recipes and flavours to turn our meals into a feast.

Moorish Seitan

When you return home everyone will admire your new culinary proposals. You will be able to learn, to prepare and sample typical dishes from Spanish and international cuisine to please even the most discerning gourmets. Vegetables pates, sauces, entrees, salads, rice, pasta, soups and a whole range of options to add to your culinary delights to help you and your guests enjoy healthy meals without giving up flavour. Besides learning new recipes you will open your mind to new ingredients to lend a delicious flavour and nutritional balance to your meals. You will discover the richness of colours, flavours, textures and aromas of meals that we will enjoy in a peaceful atmosphere in harmony with others.



Marine Vegan Paella.

Together, we will contribute ideas to prepare dishes that will stand out and surprise your guests. With sea weeds, dry fruits and sprouted seeds on the menu our dishes will gain flavour and nutritional value. For a smoother touch we can add a dairy substitute to our meals. We will learn how to prepare a fluffy pastry mixture without refined sugar for cakes that will delight the young and grownups. Vegan cookery can be fun and entertaining and its great variety can stimulate our imagination and provide an oportunity to learn new culinary techniques. We will take into account the changes over the last few years with regards to vegetarian cooking, whose increasing demand, has raised the availability of ingredients and the expectations of guests.



organic foods

organic foods

We use seasonal vegetables and chemical free products that are organically grown and are healthy for us and good for the environment. We obtain our produce from small local organic farmers committed to sustain and enhance the health of soil and plants and animal and human life. This way, besides contributing to maintain a healthier environment we obtain all the nutrients we need and avoid consuming harmful chemical residues. You are welcome to visit with us some organic farms to see first hand how eco-farmers tend the soil to obtain healthy natural produce with the authentic flavours we enjoyed before the introduction of pesticides, when we could taste real vegetables and tomatoes.

To all the aforementioned: good ingredients, authentic flavours, good recipes, a pleasant environment, a welcoming atmosphere and harmony, we only need another essential indispensable ingredient for good cooking…


You can contact me by email at: ana@ecoasis.es

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